Our Beers

Flagship Beers

Named in honor of the Wabash Trace Nature Trail, this American Wheat is an easy drinking, refreshing beer.  It is light-bodied, pale-colored, with just a hint of wheat aroma.  It finishes crisp with refreshing citrus tones.   Unlike many other wheat beers, the yeast does not dominate, but plays a nice secondary role.   Perfect for year-round refreshment, or a great first choice for anyone just venturing into the world of craft beer, this beer has something for everyone.

Not the same old brown ale you take to family dinners every year because “everyone will like it”, this beer is a bit more edgy.  Containing the usual American Brown Ale ingredients: caramel malts, chocolate malt and American hop varieties, we add a few more bittering hops and a generous late hop addition that take the complexity of this beer to a new level.   Expect a little more bitterness and a citrus finish in addition to a chocolaty, slightly roasted, medium bodied backbone.
The spirit of the India Pale Ale these days seems to be in-your-face bitterness.  Keg Creek has steered away from this philosophy and has gone back to the drawing board, creating an American IPA centered around hop flavor.  With a medium-light mouth feel and a caramel presence, the body becomes a literal palette for our hoppy creation.  Not as bitter as some and darker than most, you will not be disappointed with this IPA.

Don’t be afraid of the dark.  This is our darkest offering, but many who proclaim to “not like dark beer” have turned a surprised eye.  This Sweet Stout is full of roasted grains, giving it a chocolate and coffee-like flavor.  It has a thick mouth feel and any bitterness is overshadowed by sweetness, resulting in a rich finish.
Brick Red Ale is an easy drinking beer with just enough complexity to make it interesting. It drinks like a lager, with the attitude of an ale. Nutty aroma gives way to mild sweet caramel flavor and subtle background hops. All this packed into a light body that finishes exceptionally smooth.
A golden light easy drinking beer with low hop character. A crisp, delicately balanced beer that will go well after a day mowing the lawn.

Specialty Beers on Tap can be found on our “On Tap” page.


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